Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello Peeps!

Well, I've been slacking.  Not much to update on my boring life.  Still TTC with no result.  Thinking it's a done deal.  Not going to happen with IVF.  We'll just have to wait until we have our major debt paid off (truck and some other stuff).  Hopefully before I hit 35, which isn't too far.  Joe is having surgery soon, he tore his left lateral meniscus.  He'll be out for a couple of months which isn't going to help with the finances, going to be tight with the money while he's out.  At least he gets temporary disability but not a 100%, which sucks.  I hope he feels better after surgery and not in constant pain everyday.  Well, that's it folks, nothing else going on with us.  Until next time......


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

HAPPY 2011!

Well, it's a new year for new beginnings and hopefully 2011 is filled with lots of happy blessings and happy surprises.  I'm hoping this year is the year that Joe and I finally become parents.   Like my BFF says this year is for laughs and smiles no sadness allowed.....

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hi Bloggers!

Well it's been about a month since I last posted so here I go.  Well Thanksgiving went by already and that was a quiet day with my hubby.  Now we're getting ready for Xmas and the craziness begins.  We need to decorate which will be this weekend and then the shopping starts.  I've got the hubby all set just need to start getting everyone else done.  I know what I'm getting my mom already but everyone else I have no clue.  I need to start thinking.  Other then the holidays going on there's not much else going on in my boring life. So that's it for now my fellow bloggers.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Married to the Love of My Life for 5 Years and Loving Every Minute.....

Well Friday, (October 29th) was our 5th wedding anniversary.  We spent the whole day together and it was great.  We had dinner at a new restaurant that opened up a month ago, Bucca di Peppo.  The food was pretty good but expensive.  They serve family style there so we had Chicken Parm with pasta and we had Calamari for appetizer.  I had a a Lemonchelo Martini which was very strong so sipped that the whole dinner, wish I had asked for Sangria instead.    Overall nice dinner and we enjoyed it very much, we were stuffed.

I gave Joe a autographed hockey helmet of Patrick Roy which he loved and he gave me a charm for my pandora bracelet, which I love.  It was a nice day and the start of a very busy weekend.  Saturday we had a birthday party for the daughter of a friend, my BFFs niece and then on Sunday (Halloween) we had my BFFs hubby's birthday party to go to.  It was a fun filled exhausting weekend.


Friday, October 22, 2010

AF on her way......AGAIN!!!!

Well it's day 32 of Cycle 58 for us and I'm 12 dpo according to my chart so AF should be do tomorrow.  I'm feeling the damn cramping and starting to spot.  I was feeling so optimistic of this cycle because we did so good with timing and it would be so great to find out we were pregnant finally for our 5th anniversary, but nope that ain't going to happen.  Is it too much to ask that we get pregnant naturally like woman are supposed to normally.  Why can't I be normal, why can hubby be normal.  Why do we have to go through all this pain of wanting to start a family only to get slapped in the face each month by the visit of Aunt Flo.  I'm so disappointed.  I guess it's true our only option is do IVF, if only it was free or covered by insurance then I would have jumped on that train years ago.  We're trying to pay off our current debt so we can hopefully try IVF down the road but we're not getting any younger and I don't want to put us in such crazy debt to start a family when in all honesty the procedure isn't guaranteed.  We can spend all this money and not even get pregnant, I've seen it many many time happen and I don't want us to be one of those couples.  I only ask that GOD hear our prayer and anguish and grant us a miracle of life, please hear us.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Our furbabies...

This is our Siberian Husky, 4 year old ICE and our kitty cat 5 year old PIXIE.  They are our babies and such cuddlebugs, I love them oh so much.


Our Story

So where do I begin.  Joe and I met at the end of 2000 when he started at the same place of employment that I was working.  He started on 12/18 and asked me out on 12/26, he sure works fast, lol.  I guess he knows a good thing when he sees it.  We went on our first date on 01/06/01, to The 99 Restaurant and then to a movie afterwards, I still remember what it was, Dracula 2000. We moved in together a year later and he proposed marriage on 12/24/02.  We were married on 10/29/05, right before my favorite holiday, Halloween.  We had a themed wedding which was great, we did have quite a few guests dress up which was a lot of fun.  We have now been married almost 5 years and no children as of yet, not for the lack of trying.  We've done all the testing and I have my issues and he has his, our only option is to have IVF (invitrofertilization).  As of right now we are not in the financial security to dish out thousands of dollars for something that isn't even definite.  We are now relying on our faith in the almighty to hopefully bless us with a miracle or two.  ;)